Bus Transportation

A  Tradition of Excellence ~

Maconaquah Schools Transportation Department consists of 48 active employees who utilize a fleet of 48 vehicles to transport our students to and from school. On any given morning or afternoon, we transport approximately 75% of our student body. 


Each school year, we provide extra-curricular transportation for our athletes, musicians, and academic students. Our drivers are conscientious professionals who go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their passengers and the motorists with whom they share the road. 

Pipe Creek Elementary - Student Pick Up and Drop Off


Car riders should not arrive at school prior to 8:05 a.m. Car riders should be delivered to the front entrance. Parents should pull up to the circle to unload students and should not leave their cars. Students must exit their car on the passenger’s side, NOT the driver’s side. The half circle near the front doors is for drop-and-go only.

If parents choose to leave their vehicles to help their child gather belongings or walk to the door, they must park in a marked parking space. There are marked parking spaces in the teachers’ lot, near the big maple tree, on the inside of the circle near the front door, and near the log cabin.



Your child should have one, regular dismissal routine. If there is a change to his/her regular dismissal routine, a note or phone call to your child’s teacher is required. Please include the address and phone number of where your child is to be dropped off.

Elementary School - Student Pick Up and Drop Off

Students who are dropped off before 8:10 am will not be allowed in early or supervised.

If you are in the drop-off/pick-up line, please stay in the car and staff will escort your student. If you need to get out of the car please park and not block the flow of traffic.


8:10 am - Doors open for student drop-off. Parents may drive up to door 19E to drop them off. Parents are not permitted to walk students to their classrooms.

8:30 am - Students must be in class or they will be considered tardy. If your child arrives at 8:30 am or after, parents/guardians will need to sign in their student at the front office.


3:10 pm - Student Pick up Dismissal (car riders)

3:15 pm - Student Bus Dismissal


Middle School - Student Pick Up and Drop Off



High School - Student Pick Up and Drop Off

Arrival drop-off times (7:45 AM - 8:10 AM)
Dismissal pickup times (3:00 PM - 3:15 PM)

Enter the MHS property through the one-way entrance to our parking lots and proceed North
Before crossing the front drive, come to a complete stop while looking for pedestrians or other oncoming traffic
After stopping, proceed North towards the West side of MHS
The parent pickup/dropoff line is alongside the sidewalk on the West side of MHS
DO NOT obstruct the path of busses arriving at the high school for arrival/dismissal
Pull forward along the curb, stop at the crosswalk to allow pedestrians to cross, and proceed as far North as possible along the sidewalk
Pull forward as much as possible by parking at the end of the West sidewalk or behind the cars that arrived prior to your arrival on campus
Exit campus by turning left at the end of the West sidewalk and head West toward the stadium
Turn left again, heading South along the West side of the parking lot, and exit safely onto C.R. 800 S.


Zonar Z Pass System

Maconaquah School Corporation has implemented the use of the Zonar Z Pass system to be more accountable for where our bus riders are.

Every student at Maconaquah is issued a student ID that doubles as their bus pass.

Students are required to scan on and off the bus. The information will be logged in our system showing when and where students scanned on/off the bus.

As their student ID, this card is also used for lunch and library purposes.

For more information please view this document

Zonar Z Pass System