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About Us



PipeCreek Elementary School
About 450 students PK-1.
Maconaquah Elementary School
About 730 students grades 2-5.
Maconaquah Middle School
About 500 students grades 6-8.
Maconaquah High School
About 640 students grades 9-12. 
Maconaquah School Corporation was formed in 1962 to serve the six townships of Miami County. The corporation has continued to exceptional Pre-K through 12 education to its community, which has a rich, blended history of both agricultural roots and influence of Grissom Air Reserve Base. 



Mission Statement

Empowering students to succeed.

Vision Statement

The vision of Maconaquah Schools is to be the leading educational institution and the heart of the community, where students, faculty, and staff develop skills necessary to succeed within a collaborative learning environment that is safe, challenging, and innovative.



One of Maconaquah School Corporation's core goals is to "lead nationally in the use of technology for teaching and learning" and the corporation has become well-known across Indiana and on national and international platforms for this. 

Maconaquah began its 1:1 initiative in 2012, implemented eLearning days in 2013, and was one of two schools chosen by the IDOE to use eLearning days in place of snow days in 2015.

PipeCreek Elementary School and Maconaquah Elementary School each house STEM labs where hands-on, group-focused instruction is delivered by the corporation STEM teacher.

Maconaquah Middle School is one of the few schools in Indiana to be STEM-certified by the state, and it also boasts an ambitious agri-STEM program called "Maconaquah Cattle Company."

Maconaquah High School offers an impressive variety of dual credit courses. STEM curriculum, CISCO Academy performing arts programs, and it received a "A" rating from the IDOE in 2017.


Seldom can an organization compromise core values without sustaining long-term damage.

Student Achievement

  • Literacy is the most important component of student achievement.
  • Student progress should be measured individually.
  • Early childhood education is critical to future success.
  • All students can achieve and achievement should be celebrated.
  • Student achievement is a partnership between school, students, and parents.


  • Every student is entitled to a rigorous, articulated, and challenging curriculum.
  • Curricula are standards driven, needs driven and data driven.


  • The decisions surrounding instruction are standards driven, needs driven and data driven.
  • Differentiated instruction is essential to student achievement.
  • Effective instruction requires professional development, and coaching.


  • An effective evaluation process for all personnel is imperative.
  • Ongoing professional development is an expectation.
  • Only the best candidates will be employed (within the corporation's resources to provide and retain).
  • Every employee is a model for students and a participant in the educational process. Community Relations
  • We value the community's support for the school and its goals.
  • Strong school/business partnerships benefit both school and community.
  • School system reflects/respect the values of the community.
  • Every employee has a responsibility to be engaged in positive interactions to further the development of trust with our constituents.


  • Fiscal responsibility, focused on student learning, is critical to providing students with a sound, innovative learning experience.
  • The school corporation will seek alternative funding sources to support programs that reflect the vision of the corporation.


  • Our facilities exist to provide the best educational opportunities possible.
  • Properly maintained and upgraded facilities are essential for student achievement.


  • Technology is a tool to be embraced by the staff in the performance of their daily roles.
  • Technology is essential to building and delivering curricula for 21st century students.


  • It is essential, that marketing the total Maconaquah school experience be considered in every interaction between school personnel and the public.
  • Corporate growth and increasing educational revenue in the foreseeable future will require a deliberate marketing plan.


  1. To be the leading school corporation in north-central Indiana in the use of technology for teaching and learning.
  2. To get each student to realize his or her academic potential.
  3. To maximize participation and availability of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  4. To market Maconaquah Schools as the school system of choice in north-central Indiana.
  5. To demonstrate fiscal responsibility by balancing limited resources with increasing educational needs.