Maconaquah School Corporation COVID-19 Back to School Information

Below you will find a link for Maconaquah School Corporation’s COVID-19 Back to School Information. It is very important to inform our patrons that the Maconaquah School Corporation COVID-19 Back to School Guidelines is a fluid, changing document, and can be altered at any time based on new guidance received. 

Maconaquah School Corporation COVID-19 Back to School Information

Thank you for your support. We look forward to the 2020-21 school year!

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    Important COVID-19 Guidance -- 02-08-2021

    Parents and Students, 

    On February 3rd, Governor Holcomb held a press conference where he and the State Health Department determined that “data from individual schools in the state and across the U.S. indicate that it is rare for student infections to occur from exposure in the classroom when all parties are masked.  That data shows only three to five percent of the infections occur in the classrooms.” 

    Based on new state guidance, the following changes will become effective on February 9 for Maconaquah schools regarding students or staff having close contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive:

    • Rules no longer require quarantine or contact tracing if students and teachers remain at least 3 feet apart, face forward in their desks, and are wearing a mask at all times in the classroom.

    • Quarantine rules still apply to exposures that occur at lunch, athletics, band or choir or any other school setting, or if teachers and students have removed their masks at any point during the day. 

    All Maconaquah Schools will now utilize the following quarantine options offered by the CDC:

    • 14-day quarantine (still the safest option)

    • 10-day quarantine if the student or staff member in close contact chooses not to get tested, never develops symptoms and wears a mask at all times when returning to school. The student will also be required to eat lunch 6 feet from any other student.

    • Seven-day quarantine if a negative PCR nasal swab test is conducted on days five, six, or seven, or a negative rapid antigen test upon return to school on day 8 (The rapid antigen test needed on day 8 for return to school will not be given at school.  Students and staff choosing this option will need to have the test given by a health care provider or by a testing site on day 8.  The results will need to be sent to the school prior to the student or staff member returning to school under this provision).  This option is requiring that the student or staff never developed any symptoms and wears a mask at all times when returning. The student will also be required to eat lunch 6 feet from any other student.

    If an individual develops any symptom anytime after their return to school on days 8-14, they will then be considered symptomatic and will be required to follow quarantine rules based on the date of their first symptom. 

    Maconaquah School Corporation will NOT offer on-site testing of any sort. All testing results will need to be sent to your building nurse prior to your return to school. Please note that a COVID-19 antibody test is not a substitute for a PCR test or a rapid antigen test, or a means to avoid being quarantined. If a person in your household tests positive and you cannot isolate from that positive individual, your quarantine does not start until the positive person’s 10-day isolation period has ended. 

    For athletics, all athletes who choose to return on days 8-14 will be required to wear a mask during all athletic practices and contests.

    Maconaquah School Corporation
  • Maconaquah School Corporation will be able to enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch meals!

    Thanks to a waiver from the USDA, all students at Maconaquah School Corporation will be able to enjoy FREE breakfast and lunch meals!

    For in-person learners, the waiver will begin this Thursday and last through December 31, 2020 (or until federal funds are depleted, whichever comes first).

    After December 31 (or when the federal funds are depleted) the students account will return to the current eligibility. If a parent would like to continue putting money into their students lunch account during this free period, it will remain in the account and carry over to whenever the waiver ends.

    Students will be allowed one free breakfast and one free lunch per day. Ala Carte purchases will be available at the middle and high school, however money will need to be in the students account to be able to purchase ala carte.

    Starting October 20, we will be offering free breakfast and lunch meals to students enrolled in our Remote Learning program. Pick up times for remote students will be every Tuesday from 11AM to 2PM. Pick up will be at Maconaquah Middle School, door 12N (athletic entrance) between the middle school and elementary school. Each remote student will be provided with one week worth of breakfasts and lunches at pick-up. This will be a no contact pick-up.  Everyone will remain in their cars and the meals will be placed in the vehicle.  Remote Learning families, please sign up by Sept 24th, so we can ensure we have enough food ordered: 

    We are so excited for the opportunity to be able to offer this waiver to our students! For any questions regarding this waiver, please contact Kim Lewis at or 765-689-9131 ext. 1900.

    Maconaquah School Corporation
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