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Mac celebrates Digital Citizenship Week
IDOE launches first week-long event
By Eric Stoff,

Maconaquah School Corporation is taking time to emphasize the importance of digital citizenship this week in celebration of a new statewide initiative.

The Indiana Department of Education and Common Sense Education have teamed together to promote the first ever Digital Citizenship Week in Indiana. It is being celebrated Sept. 12-16, and Maconaquah is in full participation.


“As a leader in technology, Maconaquah School Corporation needs to model the importance of digital citizenship,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. James Callane. “Technology will be part of (our students’) future careers for the rest of their lives. We need to teach them how to appropriately interact with technology and make sure they are safe in a 21st century digital world.”

According to a press release from State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, the week “will focus on the 21st-century skills needed to safely maximize the potential of online technologies for learning, creating, communicating, and collaborating in school and life.”

The IDOE is helping educators plan, connect, and promote their efforts by providing a comprehensive tool kit.

Callane said Maconaquah has invested in its technology infrastructure over the last several years so their students may have opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Digital learning opens up the world to us in a way that was not possible a few years ago,” Callane said, adding that education can now go beyond the four walls of a classroom. 


Until recently, Callane said, education was limited to “a textbook and a teacher who was an expert in their content area.” But with digital learning, those limitations no longer exist. Access to a computer and internet access opens up many opportunities, which Callane said is “the most exciting thing for me as an educator.”

It’s appropriate that Maconaquah is having its first eLearning Day of the 2016-17 school year during During Digital Citizenship Week. And in addition to the daily digital learning that happens at all Maconaquah school buildings, educators will be taking time to lead sessions with students, discussing what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

Callane said Maconaquah’s goal of being a digital education leader extends beyond the state of Indiana. The goal is to be a leader nationally.

He said the corporation’s state and national recognition for its accolades is a point of pride, but it comes with “a great responsibility” to provide students with the tools that they need for a successful future and to be “good digital citizens.


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