MES Students interviewed Astronaut Kimiuya Yui while in Space!

View the archived stream below:

Archived webcast of the Maconaquah Space Interview

Amateur Radio International Space Station Contact -- Maconaquah Elementary was selected to be one of 12 schools in the United States to have a conversation with an astronaut that is currently working and living on the International Space Station.  As the space station orbits over Maconaquah on Thursday, August 27, a select group of students from Maconaquah Elementary will have a chance to conduct a live interview with Kimiya Yui, a Japanese astronaut.  Thanks to the work of Mrs. Knolinski, Bill McAlpin, and the Miami county HAM Radio Club for helping Maconaquah students dream BIG!



Each summer break seems to go faster than the one before.  This summer was no exception.

There was a lot of rain and the Maconaquah staff was very busy this summer. 

Reasons for Choosing Us!

As I reviewed each of the student transfer requests for the 2015-16 school year that we have received, we have students transferring from Peru, Logansport, Southeastern Schools (Lewis Cass), Kokomo, Noblesville, Converse, Galveston, Cicero, and North Miami.  A large number of our transfer requests are from students who have been with us for multiple school years.  I was particularly interested in the reasons that parents gave for requesting a transfer into the Maconaquah Schools, some of them are:

§  Quality of education provided

§  Parents were Maconaquah graduates

§  One or more parents are Maconaquah employees

§  We appreciate the safe environment of Maconaquah Schools

§  I love what this corporation has to offer

§  Wants to graduate from Maconaquah High School

§  Teachers and other staff members are meeting the unique needs of special needs students

§  Technology is superior

§  Maconaquah School Corporation is always innovating

§  Like the balanced calendar

§  I am a teacher within this corporation. I want my child to receive a quality education. I want him to receive all the opportunities we provide our students: 1:1 technology, balanced calendar, eLearning days, and STEM instruction

§  We love Maconaquah Schools. We appreciate the educational benefits and opportunities that are provided to each of my children

§  We purchased land in hopes that we will build our home in Maconaquah School district

§  Better educational opportunity

§  Desire for a better education

§  I want my child to get a fresh start in Maconaquah Schools



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Buy your MAC gear here!
Mac Athletics is pleased to announce our first on-line store to purchase Maconaquah athletic gear, sponsored by Indy-based Lids, Inc.  This on-line store will be open year round.  You may design your item by selecting the color, size, and Mac logo for all items purchased.  Items will be shipped directly to you in approximately 1-2 weeks. Click on the following link to take you to the Mac Store!

Maconaquah School Lunch Program

Please read the following information to clarify some misconceptions regarding the USDA guidelines for food/snacks sold in Maconaquah schools.

Maconaquah employees have reviewed documentation provided by the USDA as to requirements for school lunches, fundraisers, and classroom snacks. According to the law, we will be following these USDA guidelines outlined in the document below:

These food requirements only apply to items that are sold to students during the school day.  We appreciate your concern for your students.

Contact Information:


Maconaquah School Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with Skyewaves.com to provide Internet service to our Maconaquah family.

Free service requires the customer to purchase a self installation kit and equipment which starts at $75.  Installation starts at $50 for the free service.  Free service is limited to a single computer and limited monthly throughput for non class related use.

Basic service starts at $19.99 a month, and the setup fee is $100 with a $50 discount for school related clients.  Basic service speed is up to 768k down and 256k up.

Standard service starts at $34.99 a month, and the standard setup fee is $100 with a $50 discount for school related clients.  Standard service speed is up to 2m down and 512k up.

Advanced service starts at $49.99 a month, and the setup fee is $100 with a $50 discount for school related clients.  Advanced service speed is up to 4m down and 1m up.

Custom speeds area available, and will be quoted on an individual basis.

E-mail contact: support@skyewaves.net
Phone: 765-327-4149

Please contact Kelly McPike, McKinney-Vento liaison, at 765-689-9131, x3000, to request information regarding the enrollment and services provided to homeless students.

Bullying Report

To make an anonymous report, please print the form and complete as much information as possible, but do not sign your name.  Turn the report into the office at the appropriate building.  Upon receipt of the report, an investigation will be conducted and established procedures will be followed.

False reporting will be dealt with according to the school discipline policy.  Please refer to the student handbook for each building.
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